Thursday, April 10, 2014

class discussions

Sweeney assigned our class a set "led discussion" day. My date with Devin was April 4th, we had the discussion of the way women are portrayed in hip hop videos. I really enjoyed this topic, because of the way I knew I could grab the audiences attention. I knew I could use other video's to compare the different type of women. I use to hip hop songs, but different song meanings. When leading discussion I felt I had everyone's attention and participation. I noticed with other groups that go, they are not prepared and neither are the students. The class then calls for no participation. I hate quiet boring class, we as college students need to take our class more serious. It should be fun and active, with all the chances we get. It is not hard to all talk about what we would find interesting and would enjoy for wrapping up this semester. With all the papers being half way done, we should be able to enjoy our last few classes.


  1. Sometimes, people are trying to lead discussion and other people are on the computers working on essays or their own blogs. It's annoying, isn't it? The life of a teacher.

  2. That's sounds like a good discussion to talk about and to see what people think on how some women portray themselves. It's cool how Sweeney allowed students to take control of the class to get some interaction with each other. Of course their are people who unprepared and ruin everything and it's really disappointing. Sounds like a fun activity Sweeney should keep for his future classes and those people who actually accomplish the task.