Thursday, April 10, 2014

class discussions

Sweeney assigned our class a set "led discussion" day. My date with Devin was April 4th, we had the discussion of the way women are portrayed in hip hop videos. I really enjoyed this topic, because of the way I knew I could grab the audiences attention. I knew I could use other video's to compare the different type of women. I use to hip hop songs, but different song meanings. When leading discussion I felt I had everyone's attention and participation. I noticed with other groups that go, they are not prepared and neither are the students. The class then calls for no participation. I hate quiet boring class, we as college students need to take our class more serious. It should be fun and active, with all the chances we get. It is not hard to all talk about what we would find interesting and would enjoy for wrapping up this semester. With all the papers being half way done, we should be able to enjoy our last few classes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Fun

This week of classes were simple and easy, I went back to work and hated it. I hate working at McDonalds, it is the worst job in the WHOLE WORLD. I don't recommend anyone going to work there. I was ready for the weekend by Thursday last week. On Friday my boyfriend and I went to King George to pick up his little brother Jayden to spend the weekend with us at Richard Bland. We had a lot of fun. Especially on Saturday. We went to Richmond and Williamsburg. In Williamsburg we went to the shopping center and my boyfriend spoiled us! He bought me a Michael khors purse, which I lovveee :) then we ate dinner and went home. I was supposed to work Sunday but I called out to relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Affordable Care Health Insurance

Today I went to the session RBC held in the library to inform me on affordable insurance. I currently have NO health insurance and went hoping to find some. I went in to speak to a representative named carina. She was so nice and helpful. We set up an account and went through all the stupid questions to find out I was NOT eligible! I was furious, I was recently taken off of my mother's Medicaid, due to the fact I "turned 18". Today when I told carina that she lead me to reading a statement online that said "People who are in the foster care system are to remain on Medicaid until the age 26". I now have gathered that information to take to my social worker sometime this week to try to get my insurance back. Having to go a few months without coverage has really been hard, knowing im sick and not able to afford a doctors visit is not fun. I hope this all works out and I can get covered again and take that stress off my shoulders.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Such a wide range topic, more controversy within each topic. The hardest pick for a topic under this subject is finding one you can stay on topic with. I really disagree with the new trend of "teen pregnancy." I find it sick the lack of disagreement of younger and younger girls giving birth each year. People wonder why we have so many WIC cases, food stamp requests, and Medicaid insurance being used. Once these girls have babies they drop-out, get into free system help from the government, and live a hard life. Being a mother is now the new "job" teenagers find the best way out. I then go deeper into WHY these girls decide to "love" a boyfriend of a few months and think they are soul mates and ready to bring a baby into this world.  I blame the parents, the society, and the media. All these have negative roles they play into each child's life. since when are "grandmothers" supposed to in there 30's? We are allowing all of this to become fun and glamorized when in reality it is not easy nor fun. I am going to stick with this topic but go deeper and find more statistics out there.   

Spring Break 2014!

Many kids look forward to any kind of break from school. Well not me, I get extremely stressed to know I have to leave campus to go home. This break I did not know where I wanted to go, I was pissed because my plans of going to Florida fell through. I finally started talking to my older brother & sister-in-law after three years. I talked a lot to her before break and she invited me to come stay with them in Troy, Va over break to meet my niece and nephew. I had to tell my job in Petersburg that I can not work for a week, which they were not happy about and still put me on the schedule, therefore over break I had to quit my job. I was upset because I do not have any financial support, I get it all on my own. I finally had a good time once I got where I  was going. I got to meet my beautiful babies, ride four wheelers, get a pedicure, go out to eat, and just RELAX. Overall break was not as bad as I pictured. I look forward to these next few weeks of classes, and going back to my brother's for the summer and becoming a part-time babysitter :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

#1 Statesmen

Today we played against wake tech community college. The game was an alumni game, which means players from the past came to see this years basketball players. At the game they announced who was who and handed out awards. I was surprised to see how old they players were, from my understanding this year was the first time having a basketball team. Well I was wrong, the statesmen have been around for years. Today's game was intense, and made me sit on the edge of my seat. I was never really interested in basketball until my boyfriend started taking me and explaining the game to me. I am now learning more and more each game, and starting to talk basketball with the boys. I was pretty sure 11 minutes into the 2nd quarter that the other team was going to win... Although I do not like cheering for another team I felt the other team deserved to win. I felt our team was trying to hard today and did not take their time.

Monday, February 17, 2014


This is a video we were shown in class today. I was touched by this video. It is extremely deep, and makes you think. This is my favorite video we have watched in class so far. I feel because he relates school to famous people and real life events is why it is so interesting to me. This video made me wonder if me paying all this money to receive a higher education than high school is even worth it. I have to sit and think why am I in school, who I want to become, and why... I feel every high school student should watch this video to ask their selves is going off to college what they need to succeed in life. Like he says about having no common sense and dead-lines, and late nights... it all adds up to what a graduation that doesn't even come with a 100% chance of getting a job afterwards.